An Archival Needs Assessment will thoroughly examine your program, identifying and addressing specific organizational needs, operational efficiencies, storage concerns, and collection management issues. The assessment will pinpoint problems, recommend solutions, set priorities, and guide the development of your archival program. Our assessments are conducted by an experienced archivist with needs assessment expertise.   

Application materials for Archival Needs Assessments, as well as all of DHPSNY's Planning & Assessment Services, are accepted year-round and reviewed three times a year. The next 2024 Application Review Deadline is Friday, July 12. Applicants will be notified of their application status by early September 2024 and should be prepared to start the assessment process by Fall 2024. DHPSNY staff is available to assist you in completing the application form. Please contact the DHPSNY team for assistance, questions about eligibility, or additional information at (215) 545-0613 ext. 337 or


Application Instructions
 The application requires you to complete a narrative section, provide general information about your institution, and upload several attachments. If you are a department, division, or section of a larger organization (e.g., an archives department in a larger museum, a university archive or library), please answer questions about staff and budget related to your department, division, or section rather than the institution as a whole.  Responses to the Narrative and General Information questions require you to check off all applicable answers to each question and/or can be entered in the appropriate text box.  The following Attachments are required at the time of submission:


  • Commitment Letter from Director or Board Chair: The commitment letter should show that the institution as a whole is committed to seeing through the service for which you are applying. The letter should express support from the board and/or staff to undertake the service and to implement recommendations to the best of their ability. In addition, the letter should identify a contact person who will be responsible for coordinating with DHPSNY as well as implementing any recommendations that come from the report. Overall, the letter should show that the board is aware of what the service is providing and has made a commitment to working with DHPSNY and their staff to see it through. Depending on your organization, this letter should be signed by the highest ranking board and/or staff member.
  • Proof of Tax Exempt Status: A letter or certificate from the Internal Revenue Service or New York Department of Taxation and Finance.
  • Most Recent Annual Financial Statements: If your most recent financial statements are not available, a copy of Form 990 (Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax) is also acceptable. Please do not attach bank statements. If you are unsure of what financial documents to provide, contact Program Manager Amanda Murray at
  • List of Board Members
  • List of Staff Members and/or Volunteers
  • Written Policy Statements: Attach any written policy statements your institution has in place. These include, but are not limited to: Mission Statement, Collection Management Policy, Collection Development Policy, Exhibition Policy, Loan Policies, Access Policies, Handling Policies, and Emergency Preparedness and Response Procedures. Please be sure to label all attachments accurately.
  • Any Relevant Background Information: This can include brochures, rack cards, newsletters, etc. If you indicate that you have received a survey or assessment previously in Question (C1), include a copy of the executive summary or full report.

Please use the 'Save Draft' button at the bottom of the form to save your progress as you complete the application. Users can exit and return to the saved application before submitting.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.